Letting the Wine
Speak for Itself


Letting the Wine Speak for Itself has been a longtime mantra for Sommelier Henri Marquis ever since he got into the world of Wine inspired by his Grandmother.

Through his global travels and obtaining the most prestigious certifications, Henri has now the opportunity to personally share his experiences with you and the rest of the world through HM Bubbles Enterprises, Inc. which serves as a boutique marketing consulting and educational agency that will specialize in bringing together the culinary arts and wine from up and coming chefs and winemakers to exploring the history and legacy of brand names and underrepresented labels by offering amazing experiences that will delight, inspire and most importantly create meaningful connections.

Through the love and passion and wine, Henri will not only introduce the world of wine, but can assist with creating special wine lists and/or provide a unique experience for any occasion. Allow Henri and HM Bubbles break the myths and misconceptions of the world of wine and spirits, one glass at a time. HM Bubbles will create a fun learning experience around wine, food for you and your group and greater community. Cheers!


From everything from just having fun with friends at a day at the beach, backyard or book club gathering, relaxing at the poolside, to family reunions or a gathering in the living room, to hosting at an upscale or local restaurant providing a special dining experience paired with wine carefully selected curated meal or small bites, HM Bubbles will bring to you decades of experience and expertise from the world of wine that will ensure you enjoy your time along with learning new things that will be of value and experience of a lifetime.

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